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    Yes, You CAN Homeschool

    Yes you can Homeschool!

    In this episode Tiffany and Laura really dig deep into the doubts and challenges you face in deciding to homeschool or not. They also talk about the lull in homeschooling that many moms feel during a particularly tough season. Have you ever considered homeschooling your child? Or maybe you are a homeschool mom and really don’t know if you can handle another day of multiplication and Latin declensions. We’ve got hope and lots of encouragement for you mama!! Tiffany and Laura discuss the calling of homeschool and address the questions ‘how do you know you are qualified??’ Well the secret…

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    No More Blues

    Did you know that February is deemed the hardest month in the whole year to homeschool?? Have you experienced it yourself? I mean what’s not to love about February….cold days, no sunshine, sickness, kids running wild, expectations…