Our Curriculum Picks and Homeschool Must Haves

Hooray!!! We are wrapping up our previous homeschool year and starting the thinking process for the upcoming year. As we mentioned in our To End Or Not To End podcast, some families do year round schooling and some families take off for the summer. Regardless of when you break there is always this time for reflection and planning for the “next” year.

In this podcast Tiffany and Laura reveal their curriculum choices for this upcoming year and what supplies they absolutely must have for their own homeschool!!!


Laura’s children are enrolled in Classical Conversations as their main curriculum. This will be their 4th year with the Classical Conversation Community. However, with the Foundations level of CC every parent chooses their own language arts curriculum and math to go along with the CC curriculum. When you enter 4th grade your child will be apart of Foundations AND Essentials. Essential is a portion of CC that focuses on writing and grammar. Essentials will become Laura’s oldest’s language arts curriculum.

After much thought and prayer, Laura changed her Language Arts curriculum for her 2nd grader and Kindergartner. She was introduced to IEW Primary Arts Of Learning through a friend and Laura really thought her youngest would thrive and understand the English language more thoroughly. The IEW PAL is K-2 which she can easily make adjustable for her 1st grader and may supplement with The Good and The Beautiful if need be.


4th Grader: Classical Conversations Essentials

1st Grader: IEW Primary Arts of Language/The Good and The Beautiful

Kindergartener: IEW Primary Arts of Language

Preschool: The Peaceful Press


Each of her children will be doing Math Lessons For A Living Education by Masterbooks. However, Laura may incorporate the Wild Math Curriculum for her Kindergartener as a supplement.

History + Science + Geography + Art + Music

These five subjects for Laura’s family will come from Classical Conversations and supplement with living books.

Furthermore, Laura is trying her best to weave Classical Conversations and Charlotte Mason together using Ambleside Online and learning as much as she can about the Charlotte Mason practices. She is also looking for a bible curriculum that goes along with the Reformer Presbyterian faith to incorporate into their homeschool as well. If you have any ideas please shoot her an email at laura@lifewithmanyblessings.com


Tiffany’s finished up her first year homeschooling her oldest who was in Kindergarten. She took a very relaxed approach and utilized her online homeschool courses to teach her son as well. However, she is in full planning mode and has most of her work done already because she is the teacher for their online homeschool classes. This upcoming year she will have a son in 1st grade and two little ones tagging along as well.


First Grader: The Phonics Road to Spelling and Reading


First Grader: Saxon Math/Horizons


Awana: Tiffany’s church offers this program for their children’s ministry and she has decided this program will be their Bible curriculum.

Along with Awana she will use the Word of Life Early Learners Daily Devotions for her morning time bible segment.

Word Of Life: One Year Daily Devotional


Home Art Studio


Preschool: Easy peasy

Educational Apps to incorporate into your homeschool day:

  • Teach Your Monster To Read by Usborne
  • ABC Mouse
  • Homer




  • Planner: (Don’t forget about our own Planner going on sale July 1st)
  • Whiteboard
  • Dry Erase markers
  • LOTS and LOTS of Grace
    • Honestly, we all need grace each day to teach effectively!
  • Patience
  • Pencil Sharpener
  • Laminator
  • Calendar Poster/Display
  • Magazine file boxes
  • Ikea Raskog carts

Enjoy your many blessings this week!    

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Laura’s diggin….

Her local coffee shop, Higher Ground.

She has gone to this coffee shop since she was in college and since she has four kids she is always in need of good coffee. The baristas know her order by memory and treat her like family. Laura’s favorite drink at Higher Ground is the Carmel Machiatto. She is also excited to try their new acai smoothie bowl as well!

Tiffany’s diggin…..

her new Bible Study. It’s called “Foundations: A 260-Day Bible Reading Plan for Busy Believers“. She is really excited to dig further into God’s Word with the help of this book. Because it doesn’t have a 7-day per week reading plan she feels that working through this book is more attainable. She is really enjoying the 4 steps explained in this book that give her the tools to understand and hear from God as opposed to just checking off a list that the Bible reading is done for the day.