Keeping Our Kids Safe

Child Safety is constantly on a mother’s mind. We avoid certain parts of town and keep things out of reach just to keep those curious, little ones away from harm.

Fear of the unknown can sometime change our way of life and our way of thinking. Instinctively, Moms naturally know when something is not beneficial for her child.

However, how prepared are we for an emergency or even our kids when we aren’t around? Have you intentionally taught your children how to determine when something is safe and when something is not safe?

Tiffany and Laura discussed some of the major emergencies kids need to be prepared for. Although they may have fallen short on teaching their own kids these safety lessons they still shed light on what kids need to know and what they need to share with their own kids!

How to Dial 911

If there were ever an emergency that your child would need to call 911 they need to be able to tell the operator their name, age, phone # and address. Teaching your children these few skills may help them if an emergency would arise.

There is a really neat children’s app called Ready Set Dial where your child can practice making 911 calls. The app also teaches children who is a good stranger and who is a bad stranger. This app is free! Download it on your phone and start working on scenarios with your children!

Finding a Safe Place

It is important for your children to know where to go if they are lost. Finding a place that is familiar to them or even a mom with children. Having your child confide in a mom with children is safer than your child going to a place that may or may not be safe for them.

Stranger Danger

Who is a good stranger? Who is a bad stranger?

You don’t want your children to be afraid of everyone or damper their outgoing personality. However, children need to know who is a good stranger or bad stranger. Teach your children to draw the line between good and bad by explaining “Adults don’t ask children for help?” Also, when an adult tries to get your child to do something without your permission is another example to be taught.

Pool Safety

Whether you have a pool or visit a pool, children need to be taught the rules before getting in the pool. Adults also need to always be aware of where their child is because seconds matter.

If it is in the budget, signing your kids up for swimming lessons will teach them how to swim and lessen your stress and anxiety around all bodies of water.

Body Safety

It is imperative to teach your kids what parts of the body are okay to touch and which ones are not. Kids are unaware at what is off limits and it takes teaching them the okay and not okay parts of the body. When your kids are spending the night away at a friends house, it is important to have these conversations with your children so they are prepared if a situation may occur. It is also equally important to teach your children the biological names for their anatomy (private parts). It has been said that a child molester will not mess with a child who knows the correct terminology for their parts.

Fire Safety

Have you devised a plan with your family if there was a fire in your home? Or maybe does your child know what to do if they are somewhere else and a fire arises?

Discuss these scenarios. Have these conversations and make sure your child is fully aware of how to handle themselves in case of an emergency.

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Laura’s Diggin…

RedCon1 supplements. She usually has a protein shake from their MRE Lite line once a day. She even enjoys mixing it up with a MRE meal replacement bar. In the mornings as soon as she wakes up she drinks a Double Tap pinapple drink to help with energy and mental focus! She is enjoying their products and they often run discounts and specials that are buy one get one free and sometimes even free gear!!!

Tiffany is Diggin…

Her new perculator!!! It’s a coffee pot that’s different from a traditional ones that looks like an old time-y tea kettle. The percolator runs the water over grounds a few times before it’s done and the coffee comes out SO flavorful. The difference is noticeable and she is LOVING it!


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