Potty Training at it’s Finest

When you’ve finally psyched yourself up for the Potty Training voyage you need to do some research. Potty Training can become stressful and inconvenient if you the parent aren’t ready for it.

Tiffany and Laura have successfully trained almost all their kids to potty using different methods and resources.

Laura has finally just finished potty training her fourth child and can honestly say she used candy to coerce her little girl to use the potty. It became a long process of pressure and then eased into a laid back approach. Laura tried about 9 months ago to potty train and her daughter would go in the potty but not consistently. Finally, Laura gave up and decided she will potty train when her daughter was ready. That was just the case. About 2 weeks ago, Charlotte (Laura’s 4th child) decided she would go in the potty all by herself whenever she needed to pee or poo poo. Charlotte was ready to be out of diapers and she took her own initiative to make that happen.

Tiffany on the other hand used the bottomless approach with her 2 older kids where she would plan to potty train during a school break of some kind. This way Tiffany was readily available to potty train around the clock. Tiffany’s older ones would start off without anything on their bottoms and then eventually transition to baggy shorts and onto underwear. Tiffany really chalks it all up to the book “Oh Crap Potty Training” by Jamie Glowacki which really helped guide her with Nicolas. Currently, She is gearing up for Trebor’s potty training journey here in a few weeks.

Essentially potty training is all on the parent. The parent HAS to be prepared to stop whatever they are doing to take the child potty until they can eventually go on their own! Whatever method you use just know there will be accidents and that’s okay.

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Here are some links referenced to in the episode:

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Tiffany is Diggin…

Monk Fruit sweetener. Tiffany is totally in love with Monk Fruit sweetener. She is SO excited about it because she had been using Stevia which left a HORRIBLE aftertaste, but Monk Fruit is great because it is made from an actual fruit. You can read all about it here.

Laura is Diggin…

The beautiful weather!!!! She has been anxiously waiting for the rain to subside. Her and her kids have been cooped up in the house for WAY too long. Where Laura lives there is really no place to take kids indoors to play besides McDonalds 🙁 Laura has been enjoying eating dinner on her porch, playing catch with the kids, and even reading on her new farmhouse porch.

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