Laura Buckland is happily married to her husband of 8 years, a mother to 4 young children, and loves creativity and encouraging women to let go of perfection and embrace the reality of homeschooling and motherhood. Laura loves DIY projects, sipping coffee, and reading books. Her family resides in Northwest Tennessee.


Tiffany Aguirre has been married to Robert, the love of her life, for 7 years.  Together Tiffany and Robert traveled the difficult path to adopt their oldest son Nicolas and then add 2 biological children to make them a beautiful family of 5.  Tiffany loves working with homeschool moms to help them find the right fit for their families through the many different paths homeschooling offers.  Tiffany loves listening to Podcasts & Audiobooks, binging on episodes of “This is Us”, and scrolling through Pinterest to plan special birthday celebrations for the special little people in her life.