Enneagram 101: With A Christian Approach

This special episode gives us a glance into what exactly the Enneagram is and how you can learn a deeper understanding of why you think, feel and behave like you do. The reason this episode is so special is because of the scope at which the Enneagram is used. Beth McCord, founder of YourEnneagramCoach.com, explains all nine types and how we can use the Enneagram as a tool to measure how in line we are with the gospel.

(If you would like to stop and go take the test before reading on click HERE to take the test.)

What is the Enneagram???

The Enneagram in greek means (ennea= 9, gram= diagram) and the symbol is a nine pointed star which represents the 9 basic personality types and their unique way they relate to the world. The symbol itself really shows the paths of growth and when we we’re not doing well. The Enneagram helps us to know our heart condition which is ultimately what God cares about. We can use the Enneagram as tool to let us know when we are aligned with the truths of the gospel or has our heart and mind begun to wonder from the truths of the gospel. Only the Holy Spirit can bring real transformation.

Beth States, “The mission at YourEnneagramCoach is for you to see the astonishing clarity but so they can break free form self-condemnation, fear, and shame by knowing and experiencing the unconditional love, forgiveness, and freedom in Christ.”

The 9 Personality Types…

Everyone possesses all nine personality types at varying degrees. However, each individual has a dominant one or two types that we default to. When we figure out our type we can begin to understand why we do what we do!

In this episode Beth briefly describes all nine types in detail and explains their Core Motivations.

CORE Motivations:

Core Fear: always trying to prevent, run away or avoid at all costs.

Core Desire: the thing your always longing to obtain or get.

Core Weakness: the thing that is constantly tripping you up again and again.

Core Longing: the message your heart longs to hear.

To view all nine types with their descriptions visit, https://www.yourenneagramcoach.com/types .

Before this recording with Beth, Tiffany and Laura took the Enneagram test to find out their types. Tiffany is a Type 2, Supportive Advisor, and Laura is a Type 7, Entertaining Optimist. After taking the test they both are able to see the clarity of who they are and understand why they behave and think they way they do. They can both understand each others struggles knowing what each other’s type is and exactly what their motivations and core longings are as well. Knowing and understanding these core motivations is good and well but knowing their need for Christ and leaning on the truths of the gospel will strengthen their relationship as co-hosts and friends.

This is true for any relationship. Everyone’s view of the world is different than your own and we can’t expect another to see life the way we see it. We need to come alongside one another and realize we can’t understand their struggle because we aren’t that type, but we can understand and encourage one another because we have our own struggles as well.

This episode was very eye-opening and provided Tiffany and Laura that “atonishing clarity” Beth mentions. We hope you are able to listen in and take the test to find our your own type. Head on over to YourEnneagramCoach.com to take the test!!

Beth has also released a new test for married couples called “Becoming Us Marriage Assessment‘. This test is designed to help align your communication using the Gospel and the Enneagram. You can access that marriage test now and the Becoming Us book is available via Audible and Kindle and the paperback version will release October 1st!

We are so thankful Beth set aside time to chat and really explain just what the Enneagram is and how we can use it as a tool to align our thoughts and actions with the gospel! We look forward to a follow up episode in the upcoming seasons!!!

Enjoy your many blessings this week!    

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