THE PURPOSEFUL PLANNER: A planner designed for the homeschool mom!

This customizable, homeschool planner will help you prioritize and organize your family’s most important tasks while only using the pages that you need. This planner is beautiful in color or black and white. The calendar pages are undated so that you can print and reuse it over and over again.

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The Purposeful Homeschool Planner includes many different types of planning pages to meet the needs of a variety of planning/teaching styles. The planner includes:

  • Family Mission Statement Page: No Family, especially Homeschooling families can be headed in the right direction if they don’t know what that direction is. Take a few moments to think about what is important to your family and then your goals. This is also beneficial to refer back to when you have those tough days.
  • 2019-2020 Year At-A-Glance
  • Family Birthday Calendar: Keep track of all birthdays in each month in this handy year overview.
  • Resource List: Write down any resources you are using or ones that you are looking forward to purchasing.
  • Book Log: Keep track of books you want to read or books that you have read. You can use this page for yourself and for your kiddos. Print out as many as you need!
  • Attendance Tracker: For those states that require you to report your school days, you can use this easy chart to color in the days you would like to count for attendance.
  • Grade Tracker: Print this page out to allow your student to keep track of grades on their assignments. There is a column to allow the student to predict their grade ahead which gives the student the opportunity to think about the work they put into a project and determine what they feel their grade should be based on their efforts.
  • Monthly Calendar Pages: This 2-page calendar spread will give you space to write out what’s going on for the month to keep everything in one place.
  • Weekly Planner Pages: This 2-page overview of the week will allow you to break up your planning by subject, by day, and by student. You will be able to see at a glance the topics for each subject for up to 4 children. There is even a new Bible verse for each month that will encourage & inspire you.
  • To Do List Page: Our To Do List includes 3 different sections: Master To Do List, Top 3 Priorities, and Goals For The Week. This different sections will help you zoom in and focus on exactly what you would like to accomplish for the week.
  • Weekly Docket: The Weekly Docket is the most fun page in the whole planner! It is a weekly overview that gives you space to write out your meal plan for the week, any appointments or time sensitive items, and even gives you a place to keep track of how much water you are drinking!
  • Daily Schedule: You can plan out the schedule you are going to follow for each week along with things to do and subjects for each day.
  • Habit Tracker: A fun, circular, and colorful (if you want to make it fun) way to keep track of any habits you are focusing on for the month. You write down the habit or thing you would like to do each day and then color in the space to keep track of the days it was completed. It is a fun reminder to get things done.
  • Monthly Reflections: This page gives you space to tell about the month in a few words, events that took place, what you are grateful for, accomplishments, any difficulties you encountered, and goals that you have for the future.
  • Monthly Meal Plan: This simple 2-page, calendar-type spread will give you the space to write out all 3 meals for the entire month. This is a great birds-eye view of what’s to come.
  • EXTRAS: At the back of the book we’ve even included some extra pages that can be swapped out for other pages in the book or used in addition: Blank Monthly Calendar Pages, Weekly Meal Plan, Meal Planning List, and Weekly Planning Pages in a different style, with and without lines.

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