Chores: The Mundane Must!

Moms, can’t do it all!!!

Chores are important to incorporate in your family. Kids genuinely want to help out but only on their terms. However, if you’re an OCD mom like Tiffany and Laura you have a hard time letting go of the control that comes with knowing it’s done right. Moms as well as children do not enjoy chores because household tasks are simply boring, but things get dirty and we cannot live in a dirty house! So how must we go about teaching our children that chores are important and a must???

Chores = Work

Hence, We start with what God says about work, “Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men, knowing that from the Lord you will receive the inheritance as your reward.” Colossians 3:23-24

Whatever task God has given us thru our parents, jobs, church and so on should be done with a grateful heart and for God’s glory only! We can reap the benefits of a job well done by living in a clean house, awarded at work, or awarding our children with praises.

Tiffany and Laura chat about what they have tested and tried in teaching their own children the habits of housework.

Laura has 4 children 9 years old all the way to 2 years old. Her children have been doing chores since they were 2 years old. Some of her kids are good cleaners and some not. She has tried to instill the importance of a clean room and taking care of the things we have. She has used all kinds of chore systems and the only one that seems to work is individual charts on the wall with a list of their daily chores. However, her kids still complete their daily chores and their weekly chores only because Laura reminds them to do so. She has not implemented a new chore system since her Mason Jar chart system was a fail. Laura believes the list of chores needs to be visible and not put into jars. Another simple but hard to do tip Laura shares is the importance of CONSISTENCY! Staying consistent is something many moms struggle with but Laura seems to be the worst at it! She has recognized this weakness…that’s the first step to becoming better right?? lol Also, with consistency comes following through. When we ask our children to perform a certain tasks and do not follow up on that particular tasks then we are not staying to true to our word. All moms get sidetracked and for get the tasks that started before, but one way Laura has become better at this is by setting a timer. Using a timer helps mom and child remember and it lets the child know that this particular chore should only take this amount of time.

To summarize, Laura’s few tips:

  • Implement a chore chart
  • Be Consistent
  • Follow Through

Tiffany has 3 little ones all under the age of 6 who have not yet developed the daily chore habits due to being a young age and the struggle of it not being done correctly. Just like Laura, Tiffany has some OCD tendencies when it comes to tasks being done properly so she just assumes she will do it herself. She has been trying to work on letting go of “perfection” and allowing her kids jobs be considered well done. This is not an easy concept to “let go” of and it takes practice and lots of patience from God!

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Teaching your child the value of a job well done is how to raise happy, healthy, independent adults.

In conclusion we want to leave you with seven reasons why children should help out around the house:

1. Chores help teach life skills. 

2. Chores help kids learn responsibility and self-reliance. 

3. Chores help teach teamwork. 

4. Chores help reinforce respect. 

5. Chores help build a strong work ethic. 

6. Chores help improve planning and time management skills. 

7. Chores give families a chance to bond.

Enjoy your many blessings this week!    

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