‘Parenting Beyond The Rules’ with Connie Albers

Connie Albers has graciously set aside time with us to talk about the importance of having a relationship with your children. She has 30 years of parenting experience with her 5 children and 20 of those years has been spent working with teens. All five of her children have graduated from University of Central Florida and shared a deep bond with each other throughout their college experience.

Connie says “the goal with your children is not to get them out of the house by 18 but the goal is to enjoy life and when they don’t have to text to check in, they want to.” She often refers to parenting as maintaining a relationship with your children which allows you to have influence. Influence give you a way to their heart and from their heart flows good values and good character.

Connie got the stirring to write her book, “Parenting Beyond The Rules”, when she was coming to the end of her homeschooling days and wondering what her next assignment was. She got a whisper in her ear to write about the teen years. She wanted to give parents some practical tools and advice to cultivate a relationship with their children and enjoy the life they create. The teen years shouldn’t be something you fear but prepare for. You want to be able to enjoy the time you have with your teens.

In this episode we talk about the importance of a family mission statement, going beyond the rules, and cultivating those valuable relationships that will last a lifetime. Yes rules have to be established but they don’t have rule over you. Rules can change and be reevaluated. Connie says ‘you have got to master the pivot’. As a mom you have to be willing to adjust but work on being consistant!

Enjoy your many blessings this week!    

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Tiffany’s Diggin….

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Her husband!! They just celebrated their 9th anniversary and she is more in love with him now than when they first got married. She is so blessed to have a godly husband and father of her children that has been her support in this homeschool journey and podcast dream as well.