To End or Not To End

This is the first episode of their Summer mini series and today they are talking about whether or not to continue homeschooling through the summer or take a much needed break.

Tiffany has decided to take a break from their traditional homeschooling and reinforce what they have learned through playing games. Gameschooling is so popular and also a lot of fun! However, Laura likes to continue schooling through the summer with a very relaxed approach. She feels it is easier to keep the flow and routine going during the summer so she isn’t fighting that hard battle of getting her kids back into a routine. She learned the hard way after her first year of homeschooling and taking a summer break!

Laura summer curriculum choices are…

9 year old: **The Brave Writer Arrow (Chitty Chitty Bang Bang) and Math Lessons for a Living Education 6 year old: Continuing The Good and The Beautiful Literature and Math Lessons for a Living Education 5 year old: The Peaceful Preschool by The Peaceful Press 2 year old: The Peaceful Preschool by The Peaceful Press

Benefits of Year Round Schooling:

  • Continuing the routine
  • Built-in breaks
  • Less guilt
  • No loss of concepts taught in “formal” school year

Benefits of Summer Breaks:

  • Need time to recuperate
  • Projects that need to get done
  • Traveling

Laura and Tiffany also speak on the continuous learning that happens outside the home as you travel that is so much more important than sitting at a school or kitchen table. Being out and about, children are put in the atmosphere where learning is more memorable. Children pair their knowledge with experience and really hold onto what they’ve learned.

They both emphasize the benefits of either choice and no matter what you decide to do for the summer, remember, you know what is best for YOUR family!

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Tiffany is Diggin…

Tiffany is behind the times because she is all excited about her “new” find of nail scissors. Although they’ve been around since Laura was a baby, Tiffany had never heard of nail clippers like these. She is very excited about how much control they give and how easily the nail just comes off. She has only tried out the baby size, but she is looking forward to getting the bigger toddler size for her crew.

Laura’s Diggin….

Her new projector! It sounds funny but we have fallen in love with outside movie nights. We have got our own little setup with great speakers and a nice projector that even has our favorite streaming apps like Netflix and Hulu! We are gearing up for a Star Wars marathon where we watch them in order every other week preparing for our November Disney trip to the new Star Wars land.

Here is a picture of our Star Wars movie night last year!