#MomLife: A fun conversation about all the mom things.

Your hosts have decided to have a fun and interesting conversation about what mom life entails. In this episode we hope you will laugh along with us as we rant about what our mom lives look like.


  • Going to the bathroom with an audience
  • Being wrong for whatever decision you choose
  • Trying desperately to get ahead of the game but always behind
  • Cleaning up the kitchen and 5 seconds later a mess is made
  • Being on the verge of yelling at your children and suddenly they decide to be kind because they know you’re about to go over the edge.
  • Trying to figure out when was the last time you had a shower??
  • Being loved by your children regardless if the mommy monster comes out!
  • Trying to do the best for your children and then the standards change.
  • Wondering if you’ve ruined their childhood when you tell them they can’t do something….haha
  • Trying not to laugh when your child throws a temper tantrum
  • Doing a million things at one time.
  • Constantly adding to the To Do list in your mind.
  • Never being on top of laundry.
  • Sometimes being the only one with the cure to a boo boo.

Mom life is the most wonderful blessing that God has given you despite all the hardships that come along with it.

Enjoy your many blessings this week!    

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Laura is Diggin…

The show “How to Get Away With Murder”. Despite WAY too many gay scenes, Laura and her husband have enjoyed watching this show about an attorney who has elected 5 law students to work in her private practice and unfortunately dragged them into a lot more than just learning about the law. This is definitely a show you could binge watch and really keeps you wondering what is going on!

Tiffany is Diggin….

Avengers End Game. This has been the culmination of many movies and years and it was such a great movie to bring all of the Marvel characters together. Tiffany has seen the movie twice in theaters because it was just THAT good. The 2nd time, she took her brother to see it in iMax for his 16th birthday. There were so many sweet scenes, funny scenes, and of course action scenes that it was just a great movie all around. If you haven’t seen it, like Laura, GO, before it leaves the theaters.