Summer Bucket Lists

Summer is in full swing and Tiffany and Laura are excited to start crossing off some of their favorite Summer Must Dos!! They enjoy all the things that are so cliche Summer. Today they talk about some of the things that they do EVERY Summer and some new things they would like try!

Tiffany shares her few things that she does every summer:


Although Tiffany doesn’t like watermelon she buys it every time she goes to the grocery store for her children. It is just something about eating a juicy watermelon on a hot sunny day that makes Summer so enjoyable. Laura doesn’t like watermelon either but her kids do. Laura is going to adopt this new habit of buying watermelon as well!


Tiffany and her kids go to many different VBS camps all Summer long. There are many churches around her that offer a VBS (Vacation Bible School) so she plans to do a few of those this Summer. VBS is such a wonderful thing for kids to take part in during the summer. It provides a friendly, playful, and Christian environment that maybe some kids don’t get to be apart of on a daily basis.

Library Summer Reading Program

Every Library usually has its own Summer Reading Program that kids can partake in every week. The Obion County Library has an amazing Summer Reading Program that both Tiffany and Laura’s children take part in. They provide a big kick-off program for the beginning of the summer and provide lunches as well. The kids are given many incentives to reading books that make it even more fun! One incentive is coupons to local restaurants for ice cream or even a free kids meal! If you haven’t already check out your local library to see what Summer Reading Programs they offer.


Vacations are a must during the summer! Even if its a day trip somewhere we all NEED a vacation to a place that isn’t home. Laura kicks off her summer with a family beach vacation before Memorial Day! Laura’s family beach vacation has become a tradition that she hopes to continue every year.

Catching Fireflies

Another Summer cliche, Catching fireflies is something every child needs to experience. The sheer joy of kids getting excited about catching a lightning bug is such a sweet moment to witness as a parent. Laura and her husband often sneak outside after the kids are in bed to watch the fireflies and enjoy a peaceful summer night together.

Berry Picking

Take your kids to a berry farm and pick your very own Strawberries, Blueberries, or even peach picking. Then go home and bake a fresh pie! Such a fun, hands on experience! Both Tiffany and Laura are adding this to their Summer Bucket List this year!


  • When the smallest crowd is expected.
  • If they have wagons available or if they allow you to bring your own.
  • If there is food and water available for purchase or if they have a place to sit and eat if you bring your own picnic.

Crawfish Boils

Laura’s family always has a big Crawfish Boil every year. They order a big fresh batch to be delivered the day of and they make it a big day of cooking, outdoor games, and enjoying time with their whole extended family.

Outdoor Movie Nights

Hook up a projector to a screen or white sheet and you have an enjoyable movie night. Pop some popcorn and watch your families favorite movie or start a tradition of watching a series of movies like the Star Wars Saga.


Summer nights are to be enjoyed by a bonfire with friends and family roasting hotdogs or smores. It makes for fun storytelling time and times of reminiscing.

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Tiffany is Diggin….

Her audiobook, “The Host”. This book is a Sci-Fi book for people that don’t like Sci-Fi. Her younger sister introduced this very long intriguing book to her and from the first few pages she was hooked. The thing she liked the most was how passionately her sister enjoyed this book. It brought about deeper thoughts about humanity and speculations about how life could be. It was very captivating and Tiffany highly recommends this book for anyone looking for time away from the pressures of life.

Laura is Diggin…

Disney puzzles! Her and her husband bought a set of four Disney puzzles a couple of years ago but never took the time to put one together! However, on a quiet Sunday night her husband pulled one out and started in on one. Little did Laura know she finds it very relaxing and peaceful putting a puzzle together:)

Here is the puzzle set she has been working on:

(they finished in about 3 days but never took a finished photo)