Budget Friendly Family Vacations

This is the second episode of the Summer mini series!! Laura and Tiffany share with you great tips and tricks to an enjoyable, budget-friendly vacation. They have traveled to Disney World, Florida beaches, The Smoky Mountains, and St. Louis, MO. They mostly drive on their vacations but have taken the family on at least one airplane ride. Needless to say they have experienced the ups and downs of everything it takes to make a vacation an ACTUAL vacation!!

In order to have a enjoyable vacation you must:


Planning is key! The more you plan ahead the smoother your vacation will go. If you’re driving, plan your stops around meal times. Plan for emergencies. Plan to have extra time. Plan for those spontaneous change in plans. Don’t be too planny (not a real word)! Plan to be flexible.


Pack a cooler full of snacks, drinks, and sandwiches. On your drive to the destination, save money and bring your own food. Plan to travel somewhere that you do not have to eat out for every meal. Some vacations that fall into this category would be a beach trip, water parks, trip to the mountains, or visiting family. Basically anywhere you can rent a house or stay with a friend. If it has a kitchen, cook for some meals. Yes, there is the occasional nice dinner at a restaurant! That is totally fine and enjoy every minute of it!!


If your destination is within a day or two, just drive! Flying is absolutely a splurge! If it is in the budget then by all means, fly! However, most budgets don’t allow your entire family to fly. Driving is also fun! You get to see how and where you are going. I love discovering new towns and little quaint shops along the way.


This tip may be applied to all areas of life but most definitely to a vacation. Frontloading is laying out your expectations for the trip to the entire family. Make sure your kids know that this trip is not for just them. The trip is a vacation for the entire family. Explain that there will be times that you spend with the kids, time you spend with your spouse, and times where you are alone. This is successful if it is done on the front end of the vacation. It is a perfect conversation to have on the drive!

Getting prepared for a family vacation can be stressful but once you get on the road you will be so glad you planned, prepped, and frontloaded!

Hopefully some of the advice given on today’s podcast will be helpful to you in your vacation planning!

Most importantly……….HAVE FUN!!!

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