Meet the Hosts | Episode 1


Show Notes:

Tiffany and Laura welcome you into their homes and tell all about how they met their husbands, how many kids they have, and how they got started homeschooling. Both Tiffany and Laura grew up in big cities but now reside in rural Northwest Tennessee. They both prefer small town life to the hustle and bustle of the big city. However, they do miss the accessibility to stores like Target, Trader Joes, and TJ Maxx.

Laura is married to her husband Zach and they have been married for 8 years. They have 4 kids together and just moved into their forever farmhouse. Their children are Eli (age 9), Darcie (age 6), Luke (age 5) and Charlotte (age 2).

Tiffany and Robert have been married 7 years and have 3 children. Their children are Nicolas (age 5), Lexi (age 3), and Trebor (age 1).  Tiffany and Robert moved to Tennessee about 3 years ago when God led them.  They really enjoy watching the seasons change since there really was only one season in Florida, HOT!  Since moving, they were able to finalize the adoption for Nicolas and add their tie-breaker, Trebor, to their beautiful clan.

In this episode Tiffany and Laura discuss aspects about themselves that maybe you can relate to. They reveal an interesting fact about themselves and exactly what they would do when and if they get a spare moment. They also tell their homeschool story. Tiffany talks about her homeschool background and how it started when she was a child. Tiffany knew before she was married she would one day homeschool her own kids and thankfully her husband was totally on board. Laura discusses just how blessed she was to have a private school education but together her and her husband decided it would be best to homeschool their own children.

Tiffany and Laura introduce you all to the reason and why behind their Podcast “Life With Many Blessings”. They relay the message that our children are gifts from God and not to be considered burdens or inconveniences.  They want to encourage you to embrace this mindset.

At the end of every podcast Tiffany and Laura talk about something they are “DIGGIN”! This will be anything from netflix shows to the best lotions or even a mom hack they have discovered.

In this episode, Tiffany is diggin’ O’Keeffe’s Working Hands Hand Cream.  This stuff helps keep her hands soft and smooth during the winter when everything else she tried didn’t work.

Laura is diggin’ her research into embroidering.  She is excited to make pretty things for her girls’ room.  She can’t wait to find some free time to jump in and get started.

Next episode they will dive in and discuss the Doubts of Homeschooling. We hope you have enjoyed meeting the hosts and learning why Life With Many Blessings was created.

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