The Brave Learner Review: Part One

When Tiffany and Laura started this book they had no idea how much valuable information and advice they would receive and strive to relate to their listeners. After the two hour podcast was complete they thought it would be best to split it into two parts! They are mommas too and don’t have two hours to listen to one podcast either!!

The Brave Learner is written by Julie Bogart who is the creator of The Brave Writer curriculum that I’m sure most homeschool mommas have heard of. She is well known in the homeschool arena and has a plethora of wonderful experiences that she has shared with us in her new book.

Tiffany is just now slowly starting her homeschool adventure with her oldest son Nic. As she read through this book she began making plans to implement these ideas in their new school year where they will dive in full force.

On the other hand, Laura, can really relate to Julie on some of the experiences she shares. Laura can definitely say she has made mistakes, yelled at her kids, threatened public school, and so on. However, Julie has been there too. So has every other homeschool mom. We are not perfect and have failed miserably at times. Julie lets us know how we can move on from that and really become the truly magical homeschool moms we all strive to be.

There are four parts to the book:

Part One: The Enchanted Landscape of Learning

Laura brings up the story of Julie’s next door neighbor Dotty who introduced her to Enchantment. Dotty sees the world through a different lens than most people. Laura was inspired to put on “Dotty Goggles” to see their homeschool in a different light with magic coming from all sides.

We always talk about wanting our kids to “love learning”. Julie says that “When adults asks kids to love learning, they’re asking children to find academics pleasurable so that adults will be relieved of the obligations to nag.”

Have you ever been really excited to do something fun and your kids ruin it?? Hands up everyone. Julie says “the insistence on fun drains all the mirth from the room,”. She goes on to talk about the brain researchers Renate and Geoffrey Caine and how they express that the “relationship and emotions are key to learning. When your child feels connected and happy, your child is learning.”

Part Two : Casting the Spell

Surprise, Mystery, Risk, and Adventure are the four forces of enchantment that Julie shares with her readers that can be a tunnel into the level of enchantment! She talks about staging the home and the three ways to deepen the relationship to a topic. We can’t just teach a topic and expect to love it, but we have to dig into what that topic can show us. How can the topic come alive in or outside of our home.

Laura’s Favorite parts of the Book

  • Laura really learned a lot in chapter 6 with the Four Ports of Entry. She learned ways to show empathy towards her children. She also learned how she can look for a mind at work and the educated mind may not look like a “schooled” mind. She talks about how we can sometimes slip into “parent mode” where a mind at work may look like misbehavior but if we stop to change our perspective of the child and relate to the situation we may see their mind is actually at work, solving a problem, perhaps!

Laura is Diggin…

Her raised beds she and her husband have created! She says, “It was totally DIY and something we just threw together, but hopefully it will be beneficial for our family!” She has been growing seedlings inside her home for some time and has learned through trial and error what is good for their environment and what is not. She is ready to plant the seedlings and hoping the raised garden beds will be a success!

Tiffany is Diggin…

Her new found friend, a cross between Walmart’s Grocery Pickup and her favorite Grocery Store, Aldi. She has was introduced to Instacart by a friend and is loving it! She was not only able to order groceries on her app AND have them delivered to her door… she was able to text back and forth with the shopper while she was picking out her items. She greatly appreciates not having to cart the kids with her to the store to buy groceries and will greatly miss this little piece of heaven when she goes back to the boonies in a few weeks.

If you would like to try out Instacart for yourself you will get $10 off of your first order by signing up through this link.

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