The Brave Learner Review: Part Two

Tiffany’s Favorite part

Tiffany was really inspired by the continent of learning Julie introduces in Part One of her book. This continent of learning really ‘helps you see your child’s learning differently’. You simply take your child’s main interest and make connections between that interest and traditional subjects. Julie uses the example of a child’s interest in Piano. She lists all the traditional subjects and even subjects you wouldn’t even think to explore such as Sociology and Inventions and applies the interest to each subject! This continent of learning helps you dive into an adventure of really learning everything there is to know about (insert interest). The continent of learning opens your eyes to a different way of learning that is based on your child’s interest that you may not have thought you could learn from!

Laura talks about how this book took a little longer to finish due to immediately applying some of the tips Julie wrote about. Laura simply stopped where she was in the book and started the read aloud they had been neglecting to read or went outside to practice “Jotting It Down” on the porch. On another note, Laura was inspired in the Staging the Home chapter and started to move things around in her home that made their homeschool books and supplies readily available and more conducive to learning.

Part Three: Sustaining the Magic

In part one and two Julie really guides you through ways to bring enchantment into your homeschool and eclectic ways of teaching your children. However in Part Three she talks about whether or not to incorporate a schedule, staging your home, reasonable expectations, and the importance of being an awesome adult! This part of the book switches your thinking a little from igniting a flame to the home and family life. Julie talks about House-Schooling and not idealizing another family’s home or homeschool life. She says instead of adopting another family’s homeschool behaviors try figuring out your family’s personality. This got Tiffany and Laura thinking and brainstorming about what their own family’s personalities consists of.

Part Four: Breaking The Spell and Rekindling The Magic

Julie writes about the Invisible Education, The Disenchanting Power of Doing It Right, and Reversing The Curse. The ending to this book speaks on the Dysfunctional families and how everyone has a story to tell and weaknesses that affect family and homeschool life. Julie brings up “Yelling” from a parent and how we’ve all done it and some may do it too much, but we are ashamed of letting anyone else know about it. As homeschool moms we all get in a funk, Julie calls it “Padunk-Adunk”. When our patience is gone and we can’t stand another mess or fight we let it out on our children. Julie’s advice is to “own” it. Be honest and transparent with your kids about your struggle that day and of course ask for forgiveness and help! The other part of this section Tiffany and Laura really liked was the “Us-Schooling”. We should not try to look like another’s homeschool but we are “Us-Schooling”. We should homeschool in a way that is best suited for our families.

Tiffany and Laura’s favorite take aways from this book include:

  • Connecting and nurturing a lifelong relationship with your children.
  • Creating a Continent of Learning
  • Jot-It-Down
  • You Do not have to be the Poster Child  
  • Us-Schooling
  • It’s okay to change curriculum every year. It is okay to change curriculum half way through the year.

Julie’s book has been a wonderful inspiration for Laura and Tiffany and many moms who have had the chance to read it. We encourage you to dig into this book and TAKE NOTES!!! Download the companion guide as well. You will learn about yourself, your family, and there may even be a mindset change. Enjoy this book and keep it somewhere close because you will want to reference it ALL the time.

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Laura’s Diggin….

Crossfit!! She has always had a negative outlook on Crossfit for some reason but a friend invited her to come check it out. When she did, she fell in love with the program. Laura enjoys the different workouts she has accomplished and the level of challenge that comes with Crossfit. She never thought she would be lifting actual bars of weights but has really come to love getting stronger. The people she works out with are the nicest group of people which is a BIG plus as well!!

Tiffany is Diggin…

her new bike!! Isn’t it SUPER cute?!? Her old bike didn’t have handlebar brakes or a gear shift, so she is loving the upgrade that allows her to look cute while being outside with her kiddos. Nic and Lexi both recently got new bikes and with Trebor in tow in the bike trailer they can all ride around the neighborhood in style!

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