Simple Meal Planning

Meal Planning is one of the easiest ways to make your life as a mom simpler. We know that moms have WAY too many things to do and if we take 30 minutes a week to plan our meals we will be saving ourselves the stress of figuring out what to cook, extra trips to the grocery, and last minute trips through the drive thru.

Do you meal plan? Tiffany has a very detailed way she meal plans and Laura just sticks to good ole pencil and paper and not to mention they both love finding recipes on Pinterest. They have both tried their hand at meal planning for an entire month but realistically they prefer planning a week’s worth of meals. However, Laura is gearing up to do the Whole 30 diet for the month of April and will be planning her meals for an entire month. Laura has got her work cut out for her….luckily she has 2 weeks to prepare!

Tiffany uses several different apps to help streamline her meal planning. She uses the ChefTap App and the Grocery King app. These two apps make Tiffany’s meal planning super simple. It may a little longer getting things set up but it works for her! Laura hasn’t gotten too techy with her meal planning but is really thinking about trying out the two apps Tiffany uses to meal plan.

Tiffany loves the store Aldi and even drives an hour away to get her groceries there and then heads over to Walmart to pickup groceries she ordered through the grocery pickup app. Laura is anxiously waiting for her small town Walmart to incorporate the grocery pickup in April. Whenever Laura visits family in Memphis she always makes a point to shop at Trader Joes. Laura loves the produce, flowers, and healthy options to choose from at Trader Joes. Not to mention the affordable prices!

Tiffany and Laura discuss some of the tips they use to make meal planning smoother…..

Meal Planning Tips:

  • Double meals and stick one in the freezer for another day.
  • Have a freezer meal party
  • Stick to planning 1 meal. Start out planning just dinners for a week.
  • Instapot/Crockpot are your best friends.
  • Be flexible. Life can mess up plans but that’s okay.

Meal planning shouldn’t be something that takes a long time. Make your life easier. Set a day that works best for you and spend 30 minutes planning your meals. You will thank yourself later when you don’t have to think about what is for dinner when 4 pm rolls around.

If you are a subscriber to our website you will be able to take part in the Meal Planning email course that will provide a few tips and two recipes to incorporate into your meal planning. There is even going to be a few bonus printables that you can use as well.

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Tiffany is diggin…

The Walmart Grocery App. She loves the convenience of adding things to her cart online and scheduling when to pickup her groceries. She doesn’t even have to get out of her car! With three kids in tow, life just became a whole lot simpler. It also allows her to stick to her budget. Kids are always asking for this or that if they see it. However, with the grocery pickup you can avoid this altogether. We even have a coupon for those of you who have never use the Walmart grocery pickup. Get $10 off your first pickup order by clicking here.

Laura is diggin…

The Kids Echo Dot by Amazon. Laura loves being able to communicate with her kids from the kitchen when dinner is done or when it is time to leave the house. Laura’s kids also love listening to amazon storytime and even learning jokes from Alexa. At bedtime they turn on sleep sounds that provide her kids with white noise to drown out all the sounds at night kids are so afraid of.

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