Spring Cleaning Your Home and Soul

Oh the lovely sunshine has decided to come out and show it’s face and even thought we have longed for it so long, it does come with a price. It shines light on the dust and dirt that has accumulated these long winter months. During the winter, the willingness to clean is buried deep down inside and it takes the bright sunshine to bring the desire to clean to the surface. There is just something natural about Spring Cleaning. Our hearts and homes are longing for a fresh start and a new beginning!

In this episode, Tiffany and Laura discuss the ins and out of Spring Cleaning and what they have come to love and loathe as they have cleaned many spills, dusty furniture, and dirty dishes.

Laura has had a rough week or so battling the stomach bug that decided to go through almost her entire family! Her husband and oldest son were the lucky ones who did not experience the dreadful stomach bug. Needless to say, Laura has been doing lots of deep cleaning and loads and loads of laundry. Quite frankly, she is not ready to begin Spring Cleaning.

Laura’s trick to Spring Cleaning is to start small. Finish something that you know wont take too much time and doesn’t require a lot of steps. Once you’ve gained that small win you can move on to your next smaller goal and start the snowball effect. It almost like a mind game. Spring cleaning can seem SO overwhelming that it takes a small win to get the ball rolling!

Tiffany talks about how she remembers The Fly Lady when she was young and her mom struggled to stay on top of household duties. The Fly Lady helped Tiffany’s mom get on track with her tips and strategies related to housework and Tiffany is incorporating some of those tips and tricks in her home as well.

Tiffany’s biggest struggle is cleaning her kitchen. However, she has finally conquered the dishes. She has a strategy using different sides of her sink and it has worked so well for her. Even though the dishes is only one part of her kitchen she has won the battle over dirty dishes! She got that little win and moving on to the next. Way to go Tiffany!

Laura and Tiffany share their favorite cleaning products they use around the house. Laura’s favorite cleaning products are Mrs. Meyer’s. Laura is a member of Grove Collaborative and purchases her Mrs. Meyers from there. Grove Collaborative does offer you free Mrs. Meyers products when you first sign up as a member.

Tiffany’s favorite cleaning products are the Better Life brand she saw on Shark Tank. She was worried if the kids could eat off their counters if food happens to fall off their plate. The Better Life products are safe for you to even ingest. She mentioned the guy on Shark Tank actually sprayed it in his mouth during their presentation. That is pretty impressive. You can purchase these products on Amazon which is amazing!

On another note, Laura has been researching all things essential oils and would like to know more on how to clean her home with essential oils. Tiffany has been at her aid whenever Laura has a question and has even lent Laura the Elevation blend for Laura’s anxiety. Laura asks our listeners to send her any information regarding Cleaning with Essential Oils!! Help a momma out.

Of Course Tiffany and Laura give their opinions on the hot new show on Netflix called, Tidying Up by Marie Kondo. If you haven’t heard about the KonMari Method, google it. Laura basically has been practicing this method her entire life. Thanks Mom! However, Tiffany and Laura don’t really have time to watch a show with subtitles about something we already have ingrained in our daily lives. Tiffany shares the hilarious video she came across by the Holderness family called “You Got KonMaried”. You should watch it below. You deserve a good laugh!

Laundry is one of the biggest mom chore that needs to be discussed! Tiffany found this new method of no folding and just sorting her kids laundry in certain drawers. Tiffany swears it has totally change the way she views laundry. Click this link to the blog that inspired Tiffany’s new laundry method. Thankfully, Tiffany and Laura’s husbands who aren’t afraid of laundry and really help out in that area of the chores.

Lastly, Tiffany and Laura really want to focus on the Spring Cleaning of your Heart. How do your priorities line up? Do you need to eliminate the clutter in your heart? There are so many distractions that creep into our lives without even noticing it. These distractions will most likely come before our relationship with the Lord and a Spring Cleaning of our soul can make Him priority again. Laura quotes, “The Light of the Sun illuminates the filthy parts of our homes, and the light of the Son illuminates the filthy parts of our hearts.”

Thanks for listening!

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Laura is Diggin…..

White Squirrel Jive

White Squirrel Winery’s muscadine wine called, Jive!
“A uniquely Southern foxy White Muscadine grape aroma, with a bright, sweet flavor that dances on your tongue. Lightly carbonated, and pairs well with cheese, desserts & fruits. Delicious with salads, seafood, sushi, chicken & sweet Southern BBQ. Serve Chilled. “

Tiffany is Diggin…

The Mommin Ain’t Easy Podcast. This podcast is the very podcast that encouraged Tiffnay to start our very own podcast! The Mommin Aint Easy Podcast is two moms who talk about all areas of motherhood. They are from Nashville so some what local and full of great advice and great laughs. You should definitely check them out!

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