A Glance Into One Mom’s Journey Through Life With Abortion

A brave woman, Gaye McGarity, shares her story of the abortion of her first child in 1987 and how she has wrestled with this particular sin in her life.

Gaye, Laura’s pastor’s wife and friend, was engaged and pregnant when she was 18 years old. At this time in Gaye’s life she was not a Christian and did not live in a Christian home. Gaye was very afraid and fear settled in when she found out she was pregnant. She decided not to tell her parents she was pregnant right away, but consulted her future step-mother-in-law about her choices. After much thought, Gaye decided it was best for her to abort her child.

In the 80’s, abortion was looked down upon and considered shameful but Gaye felt that if it was legal then it should be “okay”. Gaye describes her experience in the doctor’s office and how she was able to view her child on the ultrasound before the procedure.

Gaye and her husband now have two beautiful girls who have left the nest and moved off. However, In between her two girls she talks about her miscarriage and how she struggled with the thought that God took this child from her because she aborted her first child. Gaye then goes on to tell the beautiful story of how she became a Christian and how the Holy Spirit revealed God’s grace and forgiveness in this particular sin. She will never forget what happened and has been able to talk about her sin for quite some time. Being transparent with other ladies has helped other women who have had an abortion be able to come forward and deal with their sin.

We go on to ask for advice for ladies who may be placed in this difficult decision where she finds herself pregnant and not ready to have a child. Gaye gives advice for both Christians and Non-Christians.

There is a big LIE going around for decades that tells a pregnant girl that it is “okay” to have an abortion if it inconveniences you. However, they don’t tell you that having an abortion effects your whole life. You will remember this decision the rest of your life. But there is forgiveness. Christians who are repentant of their sin will receive forgiveness for their sin.

Besides abortion there is another option, adoption, for your child. Tiffany goes on to talk about her story of adopting her first child, Nicolas, and the hoops she had to go through to be able to complete the rigorous task of finalizing an adoption.

It took 865 days for Nicolas to get his forever home, but Tiffany says it was definitely worth it!

A great option for women that find themselves pregnant and need help is the Agape House. This ministry works to help women by educating them of options outside of abortion and also ministers to women that have had an abortion and are in need of support through their difficult journey.

We all must deal with the daily struggle of Satan’s lies and deceit. Some burdens may be more difficult to bear, but no matter the hurt and pain that sin causes, we know that God is always there to lift the load and carry them for us. He loves taking care of His children even when we feel unworthy.

Laura reminds us that doctors don’t always know what’s best. We have to follow God’s leading in all situations. If her mother had trusted and done what the doctors suggested, she wouldn’t be here today. Back in Episode 1 Laura told us that she is deaf in 1 ear because of an infection her mother had while pregnant.

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Tiffany is Diggin….

Tiffany is really diggin’ her new workout! She’s just started working out again, so it HAD to be something fun. When she found this program it looked like this would fit the bill. She thought that even her kids might enjoy “working out” with her which would keep her from making excuses as to why she couldn’t get her exercise on while the kiddos were awake. She has just started Figure 8 Fitness with her sister and they are loving doing this together, across the states, and keeping each other accountable. Stay tuned for future episodes where she will definitely keep everyone posted on how things are going.

Laura is Diggin…

Laura is diggin her new clawfoot tub that she refinished and put in their new farmhouse. Laura soaks in her tub at least once a week and enjoys throwing a bath bomb in as well. She ran out of bath bombs she received for Christmas so her girls inspired her to make her own. One night when the boys were gone, Laura and her two girls made their very own bath bombs. It was messy but such a fun experience and the bath bombs turned out AMAZING!!!

Here is the link to the bath bombs they made.

  • We substituted the maca powder for food coloring.

Gaye is diggin…

Gaye has been working so hard to lose weight. Although Laura and Tiffany think she looks amazing, It always feels nice to shed some unwanted pounds. Gaye is following a particular diet and using her new exercise machine that she absolutely loves. Gaye’s hard work and determination has allowed her to lose 8 lbs so far and there is nothing that is stopping her from losing more.

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