Facing the Reality of Mom Guilt – Episode 3

We are so thrilled to have our first guest, Melissa Johnson! She is a veteran mom of four and has been homeschooling since 1995. She gives us hope and comfort in knowing that we are imperfect mothers leaning on the grace of God to fill in the gaps where we fail.

We all experience mom guilt.

Mom guilt is normal.

Melissa, really drives home that our children don’t remember if our house is a wreck or the laundry is WAY behind. Her two older boys who are grown now have shown her that they remember the moments when they went rollerblading and spent time together as a family. Even if they do remember when their mom wasn’t her best it has turned into a family joke instead of a negative childhood memory. Melissa had her first parenting journey with her two older boys and now is putting into practice what she has learned before, with her girls who are now in their teen years.

Mom guilt all stems from our personal expectations of what our family life should look like. Those expectations are probably not realistic and very hard to reach. It is a process and takes maturing. Maturing in our faith and in our relationships.

Your relationship with your children is most important.

Do not let your Mom Guilt control you. Pray about it. Lean on Christ.

Hope You enjoyed this week’s podcast!! Stay Tuned for our nest episode where we discuss the wonderful content of the book “Teaching From Rest: A Homeschooler’s Guide to Unshakable Peace” By Sarah Mackenzie.

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Melissa is Diggin….

Our wonderful guest, Melissa, is really diggin’ the skin care line that she has just discovered called “Mad Hippie”. It totally fits her because her son calls her a hippie all the time! Mad Hippie is a skin care line that, “was built on the notion that natural skin care can be every bit as effective as traditional.” Her favorite product is the Vitamin A Serum that keeps her face looking beautiful!

Tiffany is Diggin…

Tiffany is diggin’ Irene Hannon, one of her current favorite authors. Her mom and sister got her 2 of Hannon’s books (actual physical books) from the “Code of Honor” (2 book series) for her birthday. Tiffany really enjoys suspensful Christian books and Hannon hits that mark. If you are looking for another author that writes in that category, Dee Henderson is another author to check out that Tiffany has really enjoyed.

Laura is Diggin…

Laura is totally diggin her new Dyson V7 Cordless Animal Vacuum. Her Shark vacuum officially quit on her after resorting to duck tape and replacing parts. Laura was going between a Roomba or a Dyson and finally decided on the cordless Dyson which would allow her to vacuum stairs and crevices! She is absolutely loving her new vacuum and her house stays much cleaner these days!

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