Easter: Cross vs. Bunny

The celebration of Easter is one that most people celebrate whether it be for the Easter Bunny or Christ’s Resurrection. However, the true meaning behind the Easter celebration is because of the miraculous act of Christ coming back from the dead! Without Christ’s resurrection our faith would be in vain. You still may celebrate both Bunny and Christ but how do you keep that balance. This battle, one that most parents struggle with, is only during Christian holidays. Laura especially has struggled with the guilt of giving her children Easter Baskets which may or may not take away from the real meaning of Easter.

Is the Easter Bunny Real or Not?

Before even planning this podcast, Laura’s daughter asked this very question. Some friends at their co-op had told her that the Easter Bunny isn’t real. Laura’s spin to this was to simply ask what her daughter thought? Turn the question around, but Laura also reiterated the reason we celebrate Easter! Christ resurrection, of course! The conversation ended with her daughter believing in the Easter Bunny but she was also able to explain what Easter was really about.

In this podcast….

Tiffany and Laura discuss the popular topics that surrounds the Easter Celebration. They spend time focusing on Easter Traditions, Easter Baskets, Food, and worship worthy attire.

Easter Traditions and Easter Baskets

Most families who celebrate Easter will fill Easter baskets with candy and goodies for their children to wake up to on Easter Morning and then off to church they go. Laura’s family falls under this category, but Tiffany hasn’t started any Easter basket traditions yet but is looking forward to jumping in this year!

Laura has recently in the last year or so tried to stay away from filling her children’s basket’s with candy but with something they will get excited about and need for the summer! She likes making it a theme like “Summer Splash” or “Rain Boots” and she has even done a “Baseball” theme for her boys before. Honestly, if they get candy they will eat it in 2 seconds and then it is gone and the excitement is over.

However, Easter Baskets are not the reason we celebrate Easter! In the past, Tiffany has used the Resurrection Eggs which tell the story leading up to Christ’s resurrection. It is a wonderful hands on approach to teach your children the true story.

Tiffany has also downloaded a wonderful preschool book from the Happy and Blessed Home Blog that explains the story on a preschool level.

Another resource you may want to use is this cute Jelly Bean Poem that you could incorporate into your traditions that relates each color to a specific part of the resurrection.

Worship-Worthy Attire

Laura brings up the trend some churches have started to follow. Churches will design a particular T-Shirt for their Easter services in an attempt to go against the tradition of dressing your best. This movement is called “Forget The Frock”. Laura does not see this as worship-worthy attire. She talks about how we are to be our best and dress our best because we are entering into worship with the creator of the world and our Lord and Savior! Sunday worship is designed by God to be reverent. We wouldn’t wear a T-shirt to a funeral or a wedding would we? No, we dress our best for the occasion. So why would we not do the same for the Lord of this universe!

Tiffany has some different thoughts about this due to being involved in a more contemporary church where any clothing is acceptable. Tiffany believes you should come as you are and not to be concerned about appearances. Laura does make the distinction that we are to come to worship with our best and if a T-shirt is all we have then by all means wear that. If that were to be the case, we as Christians should not judge others on their clothing.

This can be a huge debate but most importantly we are called to dress for our Lord and Savior and no one else.

Easter is approaching…..What are you teaching your children? Will you be buying matching outfits?

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