The Organized Homeschooler’s Digital Planner


The Organized Homeschooler’s Digital Planner: A Digital Planner Designed FOR a Homeschool Mom BY a Homeschool Mom!

This customizable, homeschool planner will help you prioritize and organize your family’s most important tasks while only using the pages that you need. This digital planner is created for use on iPads using the GoodNotes App (purchased separately).  You can use an Apple Pencil or a stylus to write on the pages of your planner.  This planner was designed to feel like a paper planner, just in a digital format.


The Organized Homeschooler’s Digital Planner includes many different types of pages to meet the needs of a variety of planning & teaching styles.  With this Digital Homeschooling Planner for Busy Moms, you will feel like you are using a paper planner, but on your iPad!


The planner includes:

  • Index Page: This page houses many links to different pages throughout the planner along with many varieties of blank pages that can be copied and pasted into any section to add extra pages.
  • Yearly Goals Page: No Family, especially Homeschooling families can be headed in the right direction if they don’t know what that direction is. Take a few moments to think about what is important to your family and what you would like for your life to look like in the future. Then there is further space to break that vision down into specific goals for each area of your life.  Once you have those goals, break them down even further to create steps needed to reach those goals.  Use these steps to plan your to-do lists so you will work toward your goals a little each day by focusing on what’s important.
  • 2020, 2021, & 2022 Year At-A-Glance Pages: Use these pages to see a birds-eye view of the year at a glance.
  • Birthday Calendar List: Keep track of all birthdays in each month in this handy year overview.
  • Dates to Remember Calendar List: Keep track of all upcoming events, such as a family vacation, in this handy year overview.
  • Contacts Pages: Keep track of all of your contacts alphabetically, organized by different topics in an easy to use contacts keeper.
  • Book List: Keep track of books you want to read or books that you have read. You can use this page for yourself and for your kiddos. You can even rate the book when you are finished with it to keep track of ones you loved and those you didn’t.
  • Monthly Calendar Pages: These monthly calendar pages will give you space to write out what’s going on for the month to keep everything in one place.
  • Weekly Docket Pages: This overview page for each week will allow you to view your week at a glance and focus on what you need to do along with any appointments or time sensitive items that you need to take care of.  There are spaces for to-do lists, habit tracking, and writing down a verse to focus on that week.
  • To Do List Pages: The To Do List Tab includes 10 different To Do List sections so that you can break up your lists by topic or any other way that you choose.
  • Notes Pages: The Notes Tab includes 10 different Notes sections so that you can break up your notes by topic or any other way that you choose.
  • Daily Docket Pages: The Daily Docket is the most fun page in the whole planner! It is a daily focus page that gives you space to write out your meals for the day, your top 3 priorities to focus on for the day, a to do list, a space for notes, and even gives you a place to keep track of how much water you are drinking!
  • Monthly Habit Tracker Pages: A fun way to keep track of any habits you are focusing on for the month. You write down the habit or thing you would like to do each day and then color in the space to keep track of the days it was completed. It is a fun reminder to get things done.  There is a space to track daily, weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly habits you want to keep track of.
  • Monthly Meal Planning Pages: This simple calendar-type spread will give you the space to write out all 3 meals for the entire month. This is a great birds-eye view of what’s for dinner for the month so that you can plan it all out in one sitting.
  • Weekly Meal Planning Pages: These weekly meal planning pages link to the monthly pages to give you a space to copy over the meals from your monthly view so that you can focus only on the current week, or if you like to plan weekly instead of monthly, you have that option as well.
  • Favorite Meals Pages: This main page links to different categories of meals for organizational purposes.  You can organize your recipes by Breakfast, Lunch Dinner, Appetizers, Snacks, and 3 extra blank spaces to organize meals specific to your family.  Once you go into that category page you can go to recipe pages that will be organized and easily accessible so you can create your very own cookbook!
  • Lesson Planning Pages: Within this section you will find space to keep a portfolio and attendance tracker for each of your students along with pages to plan out your year for each subject under each student individually.  Once you have planned out the year and figured out what needs to be accomplished each week to complete the subject by the end of the year, you can then use that as a guide to write out your weekly lesson plans for each student in an easy to view weekly lesson plan page for each student.



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